LeapTV is available for pre-sale TODAY!

Today is finally the day that you can order your own LeapTV! If you have been reading my other posts, then you know that LeapTV is the ultimate gaming system for younger kids. Made by LeapFrog, this system offers fun and entertainment for children that also gets them active and involved. Watch this cute video below to learn … [Read More...]


LeapTV: Educational, active video gaming for kids!

I'm sure you knew it was only a matter of time before something like this would be available... LeapFrog, the leader in educational electronic products for kids, has finally announced LeapTV! It's a fun, interactive and educational way for young kids to learn, play, and get active. Perfect for younger kids, this new … [Read More...]


My #ESPNatDisney experience!

I just got back from a fabulous trip that took me all the way to Orlando, Florida to visit one of my favorite places on the planet: Disney World! Yes, I spent three days at the Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort where I watched an amazing assortment of animals that were literally just outside of my room! The purpose of this … [Read More...]


Craft and play at Create!

Last week, I visited a cool new crafting spot in Henderson, NV called "Create." The idea behind it, is that it's set up as a crafting studio for both kids and adults. There is crafting space in addition to play space for the kids. It's such a brilliant idea and it's one of those things that makes you say, "why didn't I … [Read More...]


Behind the scenes of ‘Flipping Vegas!’

I recently had the opportunity to go behind the scenes of one of cable tv's hottest real estate shows. It's called "Flipping Vegas" and it features a couple who make it their business to buy "less than stellar" houses in the Las Vegas market, fix them up, and then turn around and sell them... at a profit, of course. And if … [Read More...]


It’s time for spring shopping at Macy’s Friends and Family Sale!

My mom has always loved Macy's. She loves, and I mean "LOVES" shopping at Macy's using her Macy's card and then stacking coupons to get deals and save money. I guess because I've always seen my mom shop at Macy's for years, it's now become one of my favorite places to shop as well. I find just about everything I need for … [Read More...]


Happy April! Time for a spring declutter!

We have quickly moved into April and I am so ready to get my home in order. As you may already know, I am headed to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration in less than two weeks and in some other great news... I start a new job this week too (stay tuned for more details on that in an upcoming blog post)!!! So as you can … [Read More...]

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