UBC Day 8: Will Kim Kardashian be a good mother?

Today I've decided to discuss something a little different: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West having a baby.  I know, I know, crazy right?  Especially for me since I have NEVER covered celebrity news on this blog before.  But now that … [Read more...]

Family Dollar Stores, Inc. to sell children’s clothing line

Beginning this summer, the popular discount retailer Family Dollar Stores will introduce a new line of clothing for infants and toddlers.  The line will be called "Kidgets" and will be sold exclusively in all 6,700 stores.  The prices … [Read more...]

Halo Baby seeking video entries for babies to be featured in DVD series

Parents are encouraged to submit their cutest baby video now through May 30th for a chance to have their little one included in the fourth DVD in the Halo Baby series. Those who have their baby video selected will receive a FREE Halo … [Read more...]

Why do babies cry? New device has the answer

A revolutionary new device has just been released to help parents and caregivers figure out why a baby is crying.  It's called the WhyCry Mini Baby Cry Analyzer and it works by "correlating the cry frequencies and patterns of babies … [Read more...]

Dr. Andrew Weil launches new line of baby products

New baby products by Dr. Andrew Weil, one of the nation's leading authorites on health and integrative medicine, will soon be available at retailers later this month. The line of safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible baby … [Read more...]

Xylitol helps prevent cavities in children

New research shows that the FDA approved sweetener, Xylitol, can help prevent tooth decay in babies and toddlers. According to Reuters Health, giving the syrup to young children prevented early childhood cavities to baby teeth. Baby … [Read more...]