Toilet paper is interesting… who knew?

As a brand ambassador for Cottonelle, I do find it interesting to discuss the topic of toilet paper with friends, family, and whomever else I decide to strike up conversation with. Most people don't give a second thought to what type … [Read more...]

#LetsTalkBums with Cottonelle

Since being chosen as a Cottonelle mom, I've noticed that more and more moms today are concerned with keeping themselves and their little ones clean. And when I say "clean" I mean clean in the sense that moms want their families to … [Read more...]

I’m a ‘Moms for Cottenelle’ brand ambassador!

So I was just chosen to participate in the "Moms for Cottonelle, Be Kind to Your Behind"  campaign! I'm really excited to be a part of this group as it means that I'll be sharing the latest and greatest news and information … [Read more...]

Cottonelle’s ‘Fresh Care Routine’ – #NameIt for a chance to win!

So when it comes to having a "fresh care routine," I can honestly say that I have developed a habit of sorts to keep everything clean and comfortable.  I'm sure we all have times when we're not feeling our "freshest best."  You know... … [Read more...]

Cottonelle introduces new line of sensitive skin products

Nearly all parents have children with sensitive skin. The makers of Cottonelle paper products are now addressing consumer concerns about dry, sensitive skin by launching new and improved "Cottonelle Aloe & E toilet paper" and new … [Read more...]